WeTHRIVE! Community Data Profiles

As the WeTHRIVE!℠ Initiative of Hamilton County Public Health continues to explore opportunities to best support WeTHRIVE! communities, we are excited to share the new WeTHRIVE! Community Data Profiles. Community Data Profiles will be released annually for all active WeTHRIVE! communities.

Please see our Data Notes document for additional information about the data used and how it was gathered for these reports. To view data for Hamilton County as a whole, see Hamilton County Community Profile.

WeTHRIVE! Community Health Assessments

A Community Health Assessment (CHA) is an extensive look at a community’s health, social, economic, and environmental indicators. The CHA process involves gathering data as well as community input. We identify assets and opportunities and make suggestions on ways to improve the health and safety of a community. See our CHA Infographic for more information.