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About Us


To create a culture of health, safety, and vitality throughout Hamilton County.

That’s the mission of Hamilton County Public Health’s WeTHRIVE!℠ initiative.

What started with 50 people in three priority communities in 2009 has expanded to impact more than 300,000 people throughout 28 communities. This still-growing movement, which provides a framework to communities for healthy living, is a result of sustainable thinking from the start.


Our Stories

river, trees, and sky

Keeping it green in Whitewater Township

Sharon Lutz is passionate about keeping Whitewater Township’s roads and waterways clean.

woman smiling

As WeTHRIVE! neighborhood navigator for Whitewater, Sharon organizes roadside and community cleanup days. Her Green Acres Litter Gitters program keeps trash out of the Whitewater River. She also does monthly river water quality monitoring for Rivers Unlimited.

Her next goal? To keep trash out of landfills by focusing on recycling.

“For many years I’ve been wanting to bring more recycling into our township,” Sharon said. Residents can pay Rumpke for curbside recycling service, but that’s not an affordable option for everyone.

So Sharon is asking businesses in the community to consider recycling. And she’s setting the example by starting with her own family business, Green Acres Kayak Rental.

Help from Hamilton County Recycling

To set up recycling at Green Acres, Sharon worked with Mary Cropenbaker, business specialist with Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste District (a WeTHRIVE! partner). Mary helps businesses recycle through the Let’s Stop Waste program.

“Sharon has been really great,” Mary said. “When we met with her about recycling for her business, she was really thinking about her community as a whole … She is the exact sort of champion we are looking for.”

For Green Acres, Mary worked with Rumpke to bring in recycling dumpsters and schedule weekly recycling pickups. Let’s Stop Waste also provides free recycling containers and signage.

The first weekend recycling was available at Green Acres, customers filled an 8-yard dumpster in one day. Now they have three 8-yard dumpsters and Rumpke picks up recycling twice per week.

Getting other businesses to recycle

Sharon is now going to other businesses in Whitewater Township and saying, ‘look what I’ve done at Green Acres.’ “My big goal is to make recycling more affordable and promote it and reach out to businesses, using my own business as a guinea pig,” she said.

Sharon Lutz runs the WeTHRIVE! in Whitewater Township Facebook page. Be sure to like and follow to stay up to date on activities and events. You can also learn more about WeTHRIVE! in Whitewater Township here.

Will recycling cost my business more?

According to Mary Cropenbaker of Hamilton County Recycling, adding recycling doesn’t necessarily increase costs for businesses. “The hope is that if you are increasing recycling then you’re diverting waste that would go into landfill dumpsters,” she explained. “The goal is to reduce the number of landfill dumpster pickups that you have to pay for to at least make it cost-neutral.”

Do you want to increase recycling in your community or business?

Hamilton County Recycling is here to help. They can answer questions, give advice, and provide technical assistance. Contact Mary Cropenbaker at mary.cropenbaker@hamilton-co.org or 513-946-7732.

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three photos: one of two children in front of little library, one of little library box in a park, one of woman putting books into donation bin

Neighbors serving neighbors in Colerain

In early 2020, Gail Nolte and her husband Dale Beck started Side By Side, a volunteer-led effort to “serve our neighbors, share our gifts, and support our community.” The Colerain Township couple compiled a list of community projects to complete. But when COVID hit, they had to make a new plan.

Filling the gap

They started by finding out what Colerain’s food pantries needed and putting out a call for donations every week. “We called it gap,” Gail said. “Whatever they were short of, we collected.”

The response was overwhelming. People donated nonperishable food and other items, dropping them off in the couple’s driveway.

driveway with bags and boxes of items, two people dropping things off

By the end of 2020, Side By Side had donated 15,000 pounds of food to the pantries!

Next came the books

On a visit to BLOC Ministries in Price Hill to pick up pantry donations, Gail and Dale saw pallets of children’s books sitting in the warehouse. “The books came from a school that had closed and they had been there for two years,” Gail said. “BLOC said they didn’t know what to do with them.”

One thing led to another, or as Gail says, “God just puts things in your path,” and it wasn’t long before Gail and Dale rented a truck to bring the books – six pallets of them – to a storage unit near their home. 

After volunteers cleaned and sorted the books, they were given away at Colerain’s food pantries.

“When families came to get a box of food, they were able to get a bag of books for their kids,” Gail said. “Kids were so excited when they were handed a bag of five books.” 

two adults behind table filled with bags of books

This was just the beginning of what became the Book By Book program.

“We learned that two-thirds of kids who live in poverty do not have a single book in their home,” Gail said. “So when you look at our free lunch program in this area, we’re probably looking at 4,000 kids. We just want to change that.”

Collecting more books

Rumpke donated bins to collect donations of new and gently used books. The Colerain Chamber of Commerce helped get businesses to sponsor the bins, which were painted and placed in and near businesses around the Township.

trash bin being painted by two people
Setting up little libraries

People Working Cooperatively and the Colerain Fire Department built Little Free Library boxes as part of WeTHRIVE! Colerain Give Back Day. In 2020, Side By Side put up nine new Little Free Libraries in Colerain, including two at Colerain fire stations. 

4 adults with unfinished little library box

“We picked places that weren’t going to be your typical places,” Gail explained. “It’s not the Little Free Library where it’s in an affluent community and everybody’s sharing books. It’s in impoverished areas where we are filling it with books. The intent right now because of covid is, forget lending library, just take it home and build your own library. So that’s what we really want folks to do.”

four adults in front of little library box

In 2020, Book By Book gave away 18,000 books! 

More than books

Side By Side is more than books and Little Libraries. A glance at the group’s Facebook page shows just how much their volunteers do for the community. They take lunch and treats to firefighters, rake leaves for the elderly and disabled, tutor elementary school students, and much more. 

As a program of BLOC Ministries, “we are working side by side with other people with different talents and gifts and other positive organizations to make changes that are positive for everyone,” Gail said. Side By Side has more than 100 volunteers. Most come from Colerain but some are from nearby Green Township (another WeTHRIVE! community).

Side By Side also partners with organizations in Colerain and surrounding areas, including WeTHRIVE! friends and partners like the Mt. Healthy Alliance, Tikkun Farm, Colerain Fire, and the YMCA. “We really try to reach out broadly,” Gail said. “We look to partner with any group that is positively impacting the community.”

Gail and Dale are also members of Colerain’s WeTHRIVE! team. They are certainly contributing to WeTHRIVE!’s mission to create a culture of health, safety and vitality in Hamilton County!

3 adults wearing masks
Dale and Gail with Jack Brendamour (right), co-owner of Junk King. The company donates books to Side By Side. 

Interested in learning more or getting involved? Email Gail: gail.nolte@onebloc.org.

Visit Side By Side on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sidebysidecinci.