New Neighborhood Navigator for WeTHRIVE! in Lockland

We’re pleased to announce that Margaret Wienholts is the new Neighborhood Navigator for WeTHRIVE!℠ in Lockland.

As a retired elementary school teacher, Margaret says she was looking for a way to help out in the community where she’s lived for 30 years.

“I saw on our village website this past spring that they were looking for a WeTHRIVE! Neighborhood Navigator. I thought maybe this would be a vehicle to help get things kind of going in the village, to energize community engagement with WeTHRIVE!”

“Margaret is a fantastic addition to the team,” says Alex Gonzales, population health specialist with Hamilton County Public Health. “Her dedication and determination shine through in her words and her actions.”

How to get residents invovled?

As Neighborhood Navigator, Margaret is working with Alex and the Lockland team to come up with ways to engage residents. One way to do this, she says, is by getting the word out about WeTHRIVE! through every day initiatives.

“I think you have to have doable projects, things where you can sign up today and do something today,” Margaret explains. “Before we shoot for loftier goals, we need to have projects that immediately get people on the ground moving.”

Six adults standing in front Metanoia Center.
As Neighborhood Navigator, Margaret collaborates with Lockland non-profits and village government. Pictured from left: Margaret, Alex Gonzales, Alicia Stollenwerk (Valley Interfaith), Jim & Phyllis Null (Metanoia Center), and Krista Blum (Lockland Village Administrator).

Walking/litter program, Facebook page

This approach is already working. Margaret created a WeTHRIVE! in Lockland Facebook page and the team recently launched Walk With Purpose, a walking/litter pickup program that started in the neighboring WeTHRIVE! community of Reading.

“Reading Walk With Purpose gave us litter buckets and trash grabbers to get started,” Margaret says. “And I was able to set up a signup page using their system as a template.” So far, at least four residents have signed up to adopt a street where they’ll pick up litter while out walking. The team will hold a community-wide clean up day on November 5.

Future plans

Margaret and her team also plan to start an Adopt-A-Pot program, similar to WeTHRIVE! in Reading’s, in the spring. She hopes to get businesses involved as a way to get more exposure for WeTHRIVE! in Lockland.

Seven adults standing.
Margaret (left) with members of the WeTHRIVE! in Lockland team: Bob Brown, Shirley Mesley, Joyce Campbell, Debbie Kindle, Yvonne Dishon, and Krista Blum.

“At this point, I have a lot of ideas,” Margaret says. “But it’s better to stay focused and make sure we follow through with what we’ve already started.”

“Margaret has many more projects up her sleeve,” Alex adds. “On top of that, she’s thoughtful and focused on ensuring that a variety of voices are heard. I’m very lucky that she decided to join our team.”

For more information on WeTHRIVE! in Lockland, visit the team page on our website and follow the WeTHRIVE! in Lockland Facebook page. Sign up to adopt a street with WeTHRIVE! in Lockland’s Walk With Purpose program.

Margaret Wienholts is a member of Lockland’s Tree Commission, volunteers at Valley Interfaith Community Resource Center, and is involved in local animal rescue.