WeTHRIVE! welcomes Cheviot Neighborhood Navigator

Danielle Hart is the new WeTHRIVE! Neighborhood Navigator for Cheviot. She’ll help WeTHRIVE! make connections and build relationships to create a culture of health and safety in her community.

“With WeTHRIVE!, what peaked my interest was that pre-kids I was a recreational therapist,” Danielle said. “So health and wellness initiatives, especially those under the guise of something fun, are a huge passion of mine.”

Danielle lives in Cheviot with her husband Brian and their three boys, John (4), Eamon (2), and Jude (6 months). She decided to take on the Neighborhood Navigator role because of her love for Cheviot. “I want to do what little part I can to make it a great place to live.”

She recently started Cheviot OH Rocks, where small painted rocks are hidden throughout the community. When you find a rock, you can post a picture on the group’s Facebook page, then hide it for someone else to find. Danielle sees the rocks as a way to build pride in Cheviot and engage the community, with the added bonus of getting kids (and parents!) outside and moving.

The community’s response to Cheviot OH Rocks has been positive. Upscale Lawncare donated rocks and kids painted them at Cheviot’s Family Day Picnic. People have been finding rocks and posting pictures on the Cheviot OH Rocks Facebook page. Two local businesses are sponsoring rocks that can be redeemed for a prize.three kids painting rocksDanielle will be helping the Cheviot WeTHRIVE! team with other projects, including wider distribution of the team’s Food Resource Guide; bringing Ohio State University Extension nutrition and cooking classes to Cheviot; and Safe Routes to School.

WeTHRIVE! is happy to have Danielle on board! To get involved with WeTHRIVE! in Cheviot, contact her at dpietak@hotmail.com. Learn more about WeTHRIVE! in Cheviot here.

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