Cycling is part of Cheviot’s culture

We know that Cheviot is a great place for walking. Nearly all the streets in this WeTHRIVE!℠ community have sidewalks. Now we’re finding that bicycling has become a big part of the community’s culture, making it easier than ever for residents to be active.

“Our speed limit is 25 mph throughout our entire city, with the exception of Westwood Northern Boulevard,” said Alana Tucker, a Cheviot council member who is on the city’s WeTHRIVE! team. “So that lends to us being a more bike friendly city.”

Kelby Bowers has been cycling in Cheviot and neighboring Westwood for the past eight years. “The elevation differences are minimal resulting in very mild inclines,” he said. “I am able to run all of my errands, including grocery and most other shopping, using quiet neighborhood streets.”

Cheviot Slow Ride
This bike-friendly environment is home to Cheviot Slow Ride (CSR), a group that meets once a month to take fun, leisurely rides around the city. Adam Lynch started CSR as a social bike riding group and a way to make cycling more visible in Cheviot. “It was immediately popular,” said Kelby, who is a member of Cheviot’s WeTHRIVE! team. When Adam moved to Colorado, Kelby took over leading the monthly rides. Michael Neidlinger organizes and promotes the group (find them on Facebook).

New bike racks
Two years ago, CSR founder Adam Lynch proposed an active transportation plan for Cheviot. The city doesn’t have money for the plan’s large projects, like adding bike lanes. But when a small amount of funding became available, Alana said the Cheviot WeTHRIVE! team decided to build on CSR’s success by installing new bike racks throughout the city.

The eight new bikes racks are located at Harvest Home Park, Cheviot Field House, and in the downtown business district. In honor of the city’s bicentennial, the racks are painted blue and sport Cheviot’s logo.

Bike helmet fitting & giveaway
Of course, an important part of bicycling is safety. So Alana worked with Lt. Matt Beahr of the Cheviot Fire Department to obtain free bike helmets through the “Put A Lid On It” grant. At Cheviot’s Family Day celebration in June, 70 bike helmets were given away. Kelby and Michael Neidlinger from CSR were on hand to fit kids for the right size helmet.

Kelby Bowers & Michael Neidlinger from Cheviot Slow Ride helped the Fire Department distribute & fit 70 bike helmets at Cheviot’s Family Day.

It’s clear that Cheviot is a place where the healthy choice — walking and biking — is becoming the easy choice. With groups like Cheviot Slow Ride, more and more people see cycling as an option. It’s more than a “recreational activity,” Kelby said. “Bicycling can be incorporated as transportation into our everyday lives!”