Substance Use

“Colerain Township, like so many other communities, is experiencing increasing incidents of heroin/opiate related overdoes.  Members of our community asked us “what can we do?” We just wanted to save lives, but needed help. Colerain Township took action to combat this epidemic and one of the first steps was to reach out to the Hamilton County Public Health’s “WeTHRIVE!” initiative and request them to partner with us.  The “WeTHRIVE!” staff has been with us at every step of our effort to “save lives,” helping with planning, coordinating resources, advertising and educating us on the larger community health needs of our Township.“

–Dan Meloy, Assistant Township Administrator & Director of Public Safety in Colerain Township

Burden of Substance Use
The misuse and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, illegal, and prescription drugs affects the health and well-being of millions of Americans.  Preventing the use of illegal substances and encouraging responsible use of legal substances such as tobacco and alcohol is an important step in creating a healthy community.  The Substance Use Pathway helps communities address these issues and create substance free communities where people can thrive.

Substance Use Pathway Goal
To change social norms around substance use and abuse through the implementation of policy, systems, and environmental change strategies that support decreased tobacco use and exposure, decrease illegal substance use and abuse, and decreased alcohol consumption.

Stories from the Substance Use Pathway