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Chronic Disease

“WeTHRIVE! is truly a grassroots effort that is making our community healthier. When we build playgrounds for our children and support corner stores that sell healthy food, we are all thriving, not just surviving. This makes Lincoln Heights a healthy community in which to live, work, learn, and play.” –LaVerne…

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Pink circle with white doctor's bag icon inside & Emergency Preparedness Pathway text in black

Emergency Preparedness

“Prior to our partnership with Hamilton County Public Health, we were not prepared for public health emergencies – we did not have the knowledge or ability to offer mass prophylaxis or mass immunizations to our community. The benefits from our inter-agency partnership have gone beyond our Community POD Program –…

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Environmental Health

“Environmental Health is often considered the backbone of public health. From food service to housing and health nuisance complaints, environmental health looks at all of the environmental factors contributing to a disease and ultimately, its prevention. Following the Environmental Health Pathway process will prepare communities to tackle some of the most preventable diseases…

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Orange Circle with white broken bone icon inside & Injury Prevention Pathway Text in Black

Injury Prevention

“Woodlawn joined the WeTHRIVE! movement to improve the quality of life and safety for our kids and the community. The Safe Routes to School funding helps promote healthy lifestyles and safe infrastructure that supports bicycling and walking.” –Mike Donohue, Council Member Injury Prevention Pathway Violence and injuries affect everyone regardless of age, race, economic…

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Blue Circle with White House and family Icons inside & Social Health Pathway Text in Black

Social Health

“WeTHRIVE! is a whole way of thinking. It’s a way of approaching a community issue in a very holistic way and saying ‘Oh, there’s lots of different ways to approach this. There are many positive things that can happen.’ And so WeTHRIVE! to me is really a framework, a process by which I…

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Dark Grey Circle with White Syringe Icon Inside & Substance Use & Abuse Pathway Text in Black

Substance Use

“Colerain Township, like so many other communities, is experiencing increasing incidents of heroin/opiate related overdoes.  Members of our community asked us “what can we do?” We just wanted to save lives, but needed help. Colerain Township took action to combat this epidemic and one of the first steps was to…

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