Environmental Health

“Environmental Health is often considered the backbone of public health. From food service to housing and health nuisance complaints, environmental health looks at all of the environmental factors contributing to a disease and ultimately, its prevention. Following the Environmental Health Pathway process will prepare communities to tackle some of the most preventable diseases facing us today.”

–Greg Kesterman, Assistant Health Commissioner, Hamilton County Public Health, Department of Environmental Health Services

Environmental Health Pathway
Environmental Health focuses on conditions in the environment that affect our health. Environmental factors, such as the physical living conditions, air and water quality, efficiency of waste removal, safety, and general environmental conditions play a role in determining who is most healthy. The Environmental Health Pathway addresses these determinants of health in an effort to prevent disease and create health-supportive environments where people can thrive.

Environmental Health Pathway Goal
To create environments that promote healthy living and reduce the risk of disease, injury, and disability.

Stories from the Environmental Health Pathway