Sabrina Smith is Reading’s WeTHRIVE! neighborhood navigator

Sabrina Smith became the first WeTHRIVE!℠ neighborhood navigator for the City of Reading last year. She is a WeTHRIVE! ambassador and was recognized as a WeTHRIVE! Community Champion in 2017.

As a neighborhood navigator, Sabrina helps WeTHRIVE! make connections and build relationships in an effort to create a healthy and safe community for all. She and former neighborhood navigator Timmy Cox championed the WeTHRIVE! All-Encompassing Pathway Resolution, which was adopted by Reading city council in October 2017. Since then, she has worked tirelessly on projects to benefit the city while building an effective WeTHRIVE! team.

One of Sabrina’s priorities is access to fresh produce options since Reading’s grocery store closed a few years ago. With support from fellow WeTHRIVE! neighborhood navigator Donna Wiggins, the Reading Farmer’s Market is becoming a reality. To date, there have been two successful market days at the American Legion, with fresh local produce supplied by Our Harvest. “The farmer’s market exceeded expectations,” Sabrina said. “It will continue to grow.”

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With produce from Our Harvest, the Reading WeTHRIVE! team held two successful market days at the American Legion in Reading.

Plans also include bringing CitiRAMA to Reading, offering self-defense classes, and bridging communications between the schools and the city. “I hope to accomplish all these things,” Sabrina said. “But I need a team of people to accomplish them.”

Sabrina is Reading’s city auditor, works at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati, and coaches volleyball at Reading Middle School. She also works part-time at Redwine & Co and Wendy’s Bridal Cincinnati, both located in Reading’s bridal district. Sabrina lives in Reading with boyfriend Bryan Wilson and Duke, their very charming dog. “How awesome to get to live and work in my hometown!” she said.

WeTHRIVE! is proud to have Sabrina on board as Reading’s neighborhood navigator. To learn more about WeTHRIVE! in Reading, contact her at

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