Donna Wiggins is Reading’s new WeTHRIVE! neighborhood navigator

Donna Wiggins is the new WeTHRIVE! neighborhood navigator for the City of Reading. She joins fellow Reading navigator Sabrina Smith in helping WeTHRIVE! make connections and build relationships in an effort to create a healthy and safe community for all.

Donna joined the Reading WeTHRIVE! team late last year and replaces Timmy Cox as neighborhood navigator. “I believe that the WeTHRIVE! movement can have a positive impact on Reading and I want to help it succeed,” she said. “I hope that once people understand what we’re all about and see all the great things we are working on, they will want to join in and help us bring about positive change to the community.”

Donna is off to a quick start. She played a key role in creating the Reading Farmer’s Market. “This year was mostly a test to see if there truly was interest in having a market in Reading and if people would support it,” Donna explained. “The answer to both of those was a definite ‘yes.’ We hope to have many more farms participate next year and we’ll start reaching out to them in early 2019.”

“With the building of the new school, Reading is becoming attractive to young families again,” Donna said. She wants to make the city even more appealing with projects like the Farmer’s Market, walking trail enhancements, and more.

While Donna is new to WeTHRIVE!, she has lived in Reading most of her life. “My ancestors have lived here for over 135 years,” she said. “So the town is very important to me.” Donna has two adult children, Jessica and Michael.

WeTHRIVE! is happy to have Donna on board as one of Reading’s neighborhood navigators. To learn more about WeTHRIVE! in Reading, contact her at

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