WeTHRIVE! schools & partners connect for good of students (Part 2)

This is Part 2 of our story, we share how Mission2Move collaborates with WeTHRIVE! schools. If you missed it, be sure to read Part 1, where we share how 1N5 and OSU Extension/Hamilton County are working with WeTHRIVE! schools.

As we noted in Part 1 of this story, WeTHRIVE!’s Andrea Bourgeois last year started an advisory committee to bring WeTHRIVE! partners and school districts together to share information, make connections, and build mutually beneficial relationships.

The partners and school districts currently represented on the advisory committee are:

How have partners & schools connected?

Today we’ll take a look at Mission2Move, a WeTHRIVE! partner who works with WeTHRIVE! schools to impact the health and well-being of students, teachers, and parents. (We featured M2M in a story a few years ago.)

Mission2Move brings movement & mindfulness to students

Sarah Habib, founder of Mission2Move, says the advisory committee has been “a really great way to connect with other organizations that I might not interact with on a daily basis. We all do work that is similar, but not the same. And it’s really great at building connections within other school districts.”

Mission2Move (M2M) helps schools improve the social and emotional behavior of children through movement and mindfulness. Staff members visit a classroom once a week during the school year for a 30-minute session that includes a neuro warm up to build the brain and body connection; a physical component, such as yoga or dance; and mindfulness.

Girl sitting cross legged on the floor of a classroom with hands in prayer position and eyes closed.
A student during the mindfulness part of a Mission2Move class.

Mission2Move in WeTHRIVE! schools

Sarah says M2M has been working with North College Hill City Schools for the past three years. “That’s all because of the partnership of the health department with the WeTHRIVE! schools,” she says. “We love working there and I think they really like working with us.”

M2M worked with about 45 third graders per week during the 2021-2022 school year. This year, they’re working with about 20 students in North College Hill’s Trojan Way Learning Center and in one special education class.

Group of young children and their teacher jumping and moving in school gym.
The movement portion of a Mission2Move class.

Learn more about Mission2Move by contacting Sarah Habib or visiting Mission2Move.org.

Watch for Part 3 of this series where you’ll meet one of our newest partners and learn how they’re working with WeTHRIVE! schools!