Tessa Kennedy | Citizen Spotlight

Parents Kristy and Jack Kennedy, and three siblings.Tessa Kennedy

Student, graduating senior, student body president at Taylor High School.


Interesting Fact:
Tessa will attend Miami University on a full academic scholarship.

Making a Difference with WeTHRIVE!:

  • Buzz Patrol: Tessa is one of 12 students in Mrs. Nancy Flickinger’s College 101 class who created the Three Rivers Buzz Patrol, an anti-tobacco group. With guidance from WeTHRIVE! and PreventionFIRST!, the Buzz Patrol took their message to K-4 students in the school district’s afterschool program. They visited the children twice a week for five weeks. Each session included education related to not smoking, along with a skit and activity, all developed by the Buzz Patrol.
  • Speaking Up: In April, Tessa made a presentation to Addyston Village Council on the Buzz Patrol program and tobacco prevention. She requested that the village declare the new park it is building to be tobacco-free.
In Her Own Words:

“My parents smoked when I was little. They told me that quitting is the hardest thing they’ve ever done. This inspires me to do something to make a positive impact.”

“The members of the Buzz Patrol really got into this and became passionate about it. It’s great for people my age to be doing something instead of complaining.”

“The Buzz Patrol is all about empowerment. The kids absorbed the information and were so eager every time we were there. We see them in the hallways and they recognize us. It was rewarding to know that they are listening. I hope they will take the no smoking message wherever they go.”

Words from Others:

“Tessa’s presentation [to Addyston Village Council] was remarkable. I thought she was extremely poised and in command of her material. She interacted and responded well to Council and the citizens present.”

–Dan Pillow, Mayor, Village of Addyston and Addyston WeTHRIVE! Team Member