Hamilton County Public Health collect and analyze data on the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of a variety of factors that impact health. Below are some of the reports provided to inform Hamilton County residents, elected officials, and partners on issues that may impact the community, as well as strategies aimed at improving the health, safety, and vitality of Hamilton County communities.

Health Equity

Does Place Matter? Unquestionably! With a population of over 800,000, Hamilton County and its diverse communities represent many factors that answer the question of place affecting health. Published in August 2015, Does Place Matter? Health Equity in Hamilton County reviews factors related to poverty, educational attainment, employment status, uninsured status, residential racial segregation, concentrated disadvantage, food access, infant mortality, life expectancy, and causes of death.

Public Health Advisory Council Quarterly Reports

Updates regarding implementation of Hamilton County Public Health's Community Health Improvement Plan are provided to the Public Health Advisory Council on a quarterly basis.

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April 24, 2017