Child Care Spotlight: Little Lamb Child Care

cheri phipps center director little lamb
Cheri Phipps is director and cook at Little 
Lamb Child Care in Clifton.
four children tasting fruits and vegetables
Children touch, smell, and taste fruits & 
veggies for this hands-on activity.
little girl with plate of fruit and veggies
Learning about fruits, vegetables, and seeds.
Center: Little Lamb Child Care

in Clifton serves children up to 5 years old.The program has achieved Ohio’s 4-Star Step Up To Quality rating.

Director: Cheri Phipps is the center’s director and cook.

How Corban Learning Center THRIVES!:

  • WeTHRIVE! Child Care Wellness Resolution: Little Lamb adopted the WeTHRIVE! Child Care Wellness Resolution in 2015. This shows a commitment to provide a healthful environment for children by following guidelines on physical activity, screen time, safe sleep practices, nutrition, and tobacco.
  • Ohio Healthy Programs Award: Little Lamb received the Ohio Healthy Programs (OHP) designation in 2017. OHP is a statewide yearly recognition program for child care centers that commit to providing a healthier environment for the children they serve through written policies, menu enhancements, Step up to Quality trainings and family engagement. Director Cheri Phipps completed the 15-hour Healthy Children, Healthy Weights curriculum.
  • Vegetarian Meals: Little Lamb is part of the Clifton Seventh-day Adventist Church, so all meals and snacks are vegetarian. Dairy is permitted, but for those who do not want or cannot tolerate milk products, soymilk and alternative cheese products are provided. “The vegetarian menu also appeals to the Muslim population,” Cheri said. “They know that all food served will be halal.”
  • Structured Physical Activity: In addition to unstructured active playtime, children have 60 minutes of structured activity daily. Teachers choose from the CATCH activity box and yoga is a favorite with the kids. The center had a dance class last summer.
  • More Veggies: Cheri has added vegetables to most snacks. She says the children love baby carrots and always ask for more. They also like raw broccoli and cauliflower dipped in homemade dressing or hummus.
  • "Try It" Stickers: Cheri says her biggest challenge is getting the kids to try new foods. “Once they do, they think ‘oh, it’s actually pretty good!’” she said. When they try a new food, they get a sticker. The stickers and peer pressure help.
  • Hands-On Food Experiences: On the day we visited Little Lamb, the 1.5-2.5 year old class did an activity based on the book “The Carrot Seed.” They explored cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, carrots, bananas, oranges, and cauliflower by smelling, touching, and tasting each, and learning which ones have seeds.
In Her Own Words:

“We introduce the children to a variety of foods that a lot of them don’t get at home. They are offered on a regular basis here and they get used to eating them.” 

On implementing WeTHRIVE! and OHP guidelines: “It’s good for the school and it works right into our ideology. I don’t like to miss opportunities to make our program better. “         

--Cheri Phipps, Center Director & Cook

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November 20, 2017