Health Educator Spotlight: Becca Stowe, M.Ed., MCHES

Becca grew up in Norwood, Ohio. She has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Health Promotion & Education (community health emphasis) from the University of Cincinnati. Becca and her husband have two children (4 year old twins) and a dog.

Becca’s role with the WeTHRIVE! initiative has evolved over the past nine years. As a Health Educator, she began working with Lincoln Heights, Lockland, and Woodlawn—the true pioneers of the initiative. Now, as the director of Health Promotion & Education for Hamilton County Public Health, she leads a team of talented professionals who work with communities, schools, and faith communities to make meaningful change.

Becca says she has a treasure chest that overflows of memorable WeTHRIVE! moments—big and small—over the years. “Everything from the welcoming smiles and warm hugs from community members that are now family; playground builds, garden kick offs, and grand openings; the moments when community members realize that they have the power to change the narrative of the future; the excitement of children trying their first fresh vegetable or fruit; the thankfulness of residents who have the ability to buy fresh produce and staple items at the corner market using SNAP benefits; all the way to having the WeTHRIVE! initiative recognized as a NACCHO Model Practice,” she said.

Why did you become a Health Educator? “After growing up with a family of nurses and public health practitioners, I knew I wanted to go into a field where I could help people. I began my college education as a Biology major with the intention of one day applying to medical school. However, I had a change of heart. I wanted a career path that would allow me the opportunity to make a broader impact. That’s when I came across the Health Promotion & Education program at the University of Cincinnati and instantly knew that a career in public health was meant for me.”

What do you like most about being a WeTHRIVE! Health Educator? “Being a health educator allows me to interact with people I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Whether a story of triumph that inspires or of hardship that provides perspective, everyone has a story to tell that can enrich the lives of others. I am grateful for the many people from all walks of life I’ve been blessed to meet through my work as a health educator that have forever changed my life.”

Fun Fact:  Becca has been training in Muay Thai (martial art/combat sport originating in Thailand) for two years. This physical and mental discipline is her go-to for stress relief, high-intensity physical activity, and to have fun!

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October 12, 2017