WeTHRIVE! Child Care Initiative

Lawson Valley Daycare student enjoys fresh produce.
Child care providers have a unique opportunity to shape the lives of the children and families they serve. The WeTHRIVE! Child Care Initiative focuses on enhancing the nutrition and physical activity environment in various child care settings by encouraging increased access to healthier foods and beverages, limited screen time and increased active play.

WeTHRIVE! recognizes that changing the nutrition and physical activity environment takes time and resources that many day care and after school program providers may not have. That's why we're here to help! Take a look at the materials below. For more information, contact Andrea Liptak at 513-946-7947 or Andrea.Liptak@hamilton-co.org.

Resources (all documents are PDF)

Model Policies

Recruitment Kit

new video Parent Engagement: Family-Friendly Activities to Encourage Healthy Behaviors (A Month-by-Month Guide)  Assessment Tools Materials for Child Care and After School Program Providers

Child Care Centers and After School Programs that have adopted the WeTHRIVE! Resolution

 2016 Centers/Programs:
  • Blessed Christian Academy (Type B Home)—Northside
  • Brandee's Baby Blossoms (Type B Home)—Lockland
  • YMCA Colerain Elementary—Colerain Township
  • YMCA Monfort Heights—Green Township
  • YMCA North College Hill—North College Hill
  • YMCA Parker Woods—Northside
  • YMCA Pleasant Run Elementary—Colerain Township
  • YMCA St. John Paul—Springfield Township
  • YMCA Struble School—Colerain Township
  • YMCA Taylor School—Colerain Township
  • YMCA Weigel School—Colerain Township
  • YMCA Welch School—Colerain Township


new video View the complete list of WeTHRIVE! Child Care Centers and WeTHRIVE! After School Programs that have committed to enhancing the physical activity and nutrition environment in the facility since the initiative began! 

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April 6, 2016