Posted by  Kiana Trabue on 4.1.2018

She was thirty-six years old, highly educated, and gainfully employed as an epidemiologist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where her work focused on understanding how structural inequality, trauma, and violence made people sick. She had an amazing support system, and what some would call “good” health insurance.

Despite these advantages, three weeks after giving birth she collapsed and died. Her cause of death? Complications from high blood pressure.

Shalon Irving’s story is not uncommon. According to the CDC, black women are 243 percent more likely than white women to die from pregnancy or childbirth related causes. ...

Colerain helps older residents with Fall Prevention program

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 1.5.2018
group of elderly at Fall Prevention class

When Colerain Township  invited senior citizens to a Fall Prevention 101 class, most of those who attended reported falling in the past. This wasn’t surprising. Colerain’s rate of falls per 100,000 residents is higher than the county average. 

“Falls are what the elderly call for help about most often,” said Jennifer Ploeger, paramedic and administrative training assistant with the Colerain Township Fire Department. “In fact, many people fall multiple times.”

The department decided to take action. “Nursing homes, hospitals, and home health care agencies are all involved in fall prevention,” Jennifer said. “But fire departments, where we have contact ...

Woodlawn THRIVES with new pedestrian bridge, CiTiRAMA

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 11.19.2017

From last spring’s replacement of the Mill Creek pedestrian bridge to October’s CiTiRAMA, the Village of Woodlawn is THRIVING! We recently spoke with Vice Mayor Mike Donohue about what’s going on in this WeTHRIVE! community.

citi rama sign
Woodlawn is the first community outside of Cincinnati to 
 land CiTiRAMA. Twenty-nine of the 43 homes have sold.

Mike has lived in the village for 30 years. “Woodlawn was seen by many as an island,” he said. “But you can’t get things done as an island, you have to reach out and connect.” They have done this through partnerships with Hamilton County Planning + ...

Lincoln Heights increases recycling by 453%

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 10.20.2017

Thanks to a new curbside recycling program, Lincoln Heights residents recycled 17.63 tons in the first six months of 2017. This is a 453 percent increase in tons recycled over the same period in 2016.

Under the leadership of Council Member Linda Childs-Jeter, the village is working with Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste to improve recycling participation and decrease waste. Linda is a WeTHRIVE! Ambassador and member of the Lincoln Heights WeTHRIVE! Team.

headshot of linda childs jeter
Council member Linda Childs-Jeter leads Lincoln Heights Recycles.

“Lincoln Heights has established a strong recycling infrastructure in their community with curbside recycling,” said Michelle Balz, Assistant ...

Special Olympics keeping athletes healthy with new initiatives

Posted by  Lindsay Bartsch on 9.29.2017

Special Olympics Hamilton County is a sports organization that is dedicated to changing the lives of our athletes: adults and children with intellectual disabilities. Our mission is to provide our athletes with the chance to develop fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and to be included in a community.

Special Olympics, as an international organization, is moving towards the goal of not only having competitive athletes, but also having healthy and safe athletes. The Healthy Athletes Program and other health initiatives have been started and are being adopted in Ohio and Hamilton County.

In Hamilton County, we are constantly trying to ...

Amberley Village makes pedestrian safety a priority

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 9.21.2017

Passage of a new pedestrian safety resolution marks a cultural shift in how Amberley Village (a WeTHRIVE! community) views its streets. “The resolution ensures that whenever a street or road improvement project is undertaken, there will be an evaluation of safety features from a pedestrian point of view,” said Natalie Wolf, Amberley’s vice mayor and chair of the Health, Education & Welfare Committee.

Natalie Wolf in front of banner that reads look out for pedestrians
Natalie Wolf is chair of the Health, Education & Welfare Committee, 
which sponsored the pedestrian safety resolution. Village council members
Elida Kamine and Ray Warren also serve on the committee.

Pedestrian safety is an important part ...

The jelly donut list: encouraging students to make the healthy choice

Posted by  Scott Nimmer on 8.31.2017

Over the past year and a half as a teacher at North College Hill Elementary School, I have had problems with students not having a pencil when it is time for class. We also have a great bakery in North College Hill, so I began the “jelly donut” fund. Every time a student asked for more than one pencil a week, I tracked it and said they owed me a jelly donut from the bakery. I never held students to the list, but over the school year at least once a week a student delivered me a jelly donut. 

After getting ...

WeTHRIVE! recognized as a national model practice

Posted by  Becca Stowe on 8.24.2017

It started like any other day. And then, there it was. The email I had been waiting to receive. 

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your program WeTHRIVE!: Community Wellness in Action has been selected as a Model Practice by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Model Practices Program…Your program reflects a strong local health department role, collaboration, innovation, and has demonstrated its value by undergoing a vigorous peer-evaluation.

It went on to read:

Please save the date for the NACCHO Annual Conference and the Grand Award Ceremony where your organization will be recognized.

group on stage in front of sign that reads NACCHO annual 2017
It’s ...

Amberley Village passes non-discrimination resolution

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 8.16.2017

In May, the Amberley Village Council passed a resolution committing the village to non-discrimination and recognizing the benefits of diversity. Vice mayor Natalie Wolf, a long-time Amberley Village WeTHRIVE! team member, proposed the legislation. We talked with her about the need for the resolution and what comes next.

picture of natalie wolf

Amberley is diverse in every way,” Natalie said. When a resident asked her whether the village would consider an anti-discrimination law, she was interested. “I kept meaning to look into it, but I never felt like the timing was right. And also, at the time we were progressing so quickly as ...

Montgomery Farmer’s Market makes healthy food more affordable for SNAP customers

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 8.11.2017

Buying healthy food can be a challenge for lower income shoppers. This summer, Montgomery Farmer’s Market is making it easier for people who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to use their benefits to purchase items at the market.

banner about SNAP and produce perks

You may wonder why a suburban farmer’s market needs to accept SNAP benefits. When Kim Chelf, president of the market board, and Marian Dickinson, former board member, first brought up the idea a couple of years ago, the rest of the board was skeptical.  “They didn't really understand the need to accept SNAP in Montgomery,” said Kim, who is ...

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April 2, 2018