The jelly donut list: encouraging students to make the healthy choice

Posted by  Scott Nimmer on 8.31.2017

Over the past year and a half as a teacher at North College Hill Elementary School, I have had problems with students not having a pencil when it is time for class. We also have a great bakery in North College Hill, so I began the “jelly donut” fund. Every time a student asked for more than one pencil a week, I tracked it and said they owed me a jelly donut from the bakery. I never held students to the list, but over the school year at least once a week a student delivered me a jelly donut. 

After getting ...

WeTHRIVE! recognized as a national model practice

Posted by  Becca Stowe on 8.24.2017

It started like any other day. And then, there it was. The email I had been waiting to receive. 

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your program WeTHRIVE!: Community Wellness in Action has been selected as a Model Practice by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Model Practices Program…Your program reflects a strong local health department role, collaboration, innovation, and has demonstrated its value by undergoing a vigorous peer-evaluation.

It went on to read:

Please save the date for the NACCHO Annual Conference and the Grand Award Ceremony where your organization will be recognized.

group on stage in front of sign that reads NACCHO annual 2017
It’s ...

Amberley Village passes non-discrimination resolution

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 8.16.2017

In May, the Amberley Village Council passed a resolution committing the village to non-discrimination and recognizing the benefits of diversity. Vice mayor Natalie Wolf, a long-time Amberley Village WeTHRIVE! team member, proposed the legislation. We talked with her about the need for the resolution and what comes next.

picture of natalie wolf

Amberley is diverse in every way,” Natalie said. When a resident asked her whether the village would consider an anti-discrimination law, she was interested. “I kept meaning to look into it, but I never felt like the timing was right. And also, at the time we were progressing so quickly as ...

Montgomery Farmer’s Market makes healthy food more affordable for SNAP customers

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 8.11.2017

Buying healthy food can be a challenge for lower income shoppers. This summer, Montgomery Farmer’s Market is making it easier for people who qualify for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to use their benefits to purchase items at the market.

banner about SNAP and produce perks

You may wonder why a suburban farmer’s market needs to accept SNAP benefits. When Kim Chelf, president of the market board, and Marian Dickinson, former board member, first brought up the idea a couple of years ago, the rest of the board was skeptical.  “They didn't really understand the need to accept SNAP in Montgomery,” said Kim, who is ...

Evendale resident passionate about active living, Mill Creek Triangle Trail

Posted by  Hollis Bass on 8.4.2017

When Michele Gottschlich says she always tries to think innovatively, she is being modest. So when she says that the Mill Creek Triangle Trail will become a reality, we believe her.

WeTHRIVE! knows Michele as a resident of Evendale who’s passionate about active living. From co-authoring Evendale’s award-winning Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan to building a collaboration to ensure that kids can safely walk to school, she epitomizes the WeTHRIVE! movement.

Michele Gottschlich standing next to Village of Evendale Recreation Department sign

What many don’t know is that Michele is a nutrition scientist and researcher who revolutionized the treatment of burn patients. Working quietly at Shriner’s Hospital for Children for the ...

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