Cheviot thrives with new ways to be healthy and stay active

Posted by  Caroline Statkus on 7.28.2012

The WeTHRIVE! Community Wellness Mini-Grant gave Cheviot the chance to explore community needs from a health and wellness perspective—something our city had never actively done before! We started our work back in November 2011. Look at all the new ways our residents can be healthy and stay active today…

Outdoor fitness station at Harvest Home Park in Cheviot

Cheviot WALKS! New signs mark 1-mile and 1.5-mile walking routes around town. Take the 1.5-mile route through Harvest Home Park, where you can pump up your workout on six new outdoor fitness stations.

Hop, skip, jump & swing in Harvest Home Park, where hopscotch and four other games will soon be ...

Shared use agreement and red footprints give Norwood residents more options to get moving

Posted by  Donna Laake on 7.18.2012

Last November, Norwood was awarded a WeTHRIVE! Community Wellness Mini-Grant. Little did I know back then the far-reaching impact WeTHRIVE! would have on my community!

wooded nature trail at Xavier University

Part of the WeTHRIVE! process involved Norwood working with another organization or community to give our residents access to more spaces for physical activity. As our WeTHRIVE! team considered options, I thought about the wonderful outdoor spaces located on our neighbor Xavier University’s campus. How great would it be if our residents could play tennis, sand volleyball or basketball on Xavier’s outdoor courts...enjoy nature on their walking trail...or play pick-up soccer games on the sports ...

City of Wyoming uses WeTHRIVE! Community Wellness Mini-Grant to make it easier for residents to stay active

Posted by  WeTHRIVE! on 7.11.2012

Earlier this week, we stopped by to visit the City of Wyoming. This WeTHRIVE! community received our Community Wellness Mini-Grant in November 2011. Facilities Director Missy O’Brien, who heads up the Wyoming WeTHRIVE! team, showed us how the city used WeTHRIVE! funding to make it easier for residents to stay active. Take a look...

Sign marking mileage on Wyoming Hike/Bike Trail

Along the Wyoming Hike/Bike Trail, you'll see new mileage markers and outdoor fitness equipment.

Think of the variety you can add to your walk or run by jumping on the rowing machine, seated chest press, cardio walker, seated leg press and total body row. These boys ...

Skate park gives Cleves' youth new, safe space for physical activity

Posted by  Jan Pastrick on 7.3.2012

When Cleves was awarded a WeTHRIVE! Community Wellness Mini-Grant five months ago, I had no idea that we were in for such a roller coaster—or should I say, quarter-pipe—ride!

It all started as we returned from the mini-grant kick-off meeting in February. Driving past the Public Library and Senior Center in Cleves, we saw kids riding their skateboards out front. Fellow councilmember Bev Meyer commented that she wished the kids wouldn’t skateboard there, especially on the handicap ramps. A light bulb went off in my head—these kids don’t WANT to skate there, but they have nowhere else to go!

This ...

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