College Hill John T. Crawford Commons project creates a space for community to get moving

Posted by  Diana Porter on 6.26.2012

Exciting things are happening in College Hill! With funding from WeTHRIVE! and lots of hard work by many, we are enhancing the John T. Crawford Commons by adding a walkable/rollable path, with benches, landscaping, and trail signage conducive to exercise.  We now have a signed shared use agreement between the College Hill Forum and Cincinnati Public Schools, who owns the site.

In the spring, we set out to plant a prairie. There is part of an existing sidewalk on the site and we knew we wanted to close the loop to create our new walking path. The low-lying land in the ...

Friday's bridge building in Amberley Village connects youth, expands village walking path to French Park

Posted by  Natalie Wolf on 6.18.2012

Standing on the corner of Ridge and Section Roads this morning with Amberley Village Councilman Tom Muething, and Steve and Wes from Amberley's Public Works Department, going over logistics for Friday's WeTHRIVE! event, I couldn't help but grin. We were planning for an event that will be one of the culminating pieces of the improvements we've made to the Village with the WeTHRIVE! Community Wellness Mini-Grant. The project we were discussing is unique in that it involves a sharing of assets between the Cincinnati Park Board and Amberley.

we thrive sign marking site of amberley village french park shared use new walking trail head

If you drive on Ridge Road, you’ll see a WeTHRIVE! sign ...

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